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 Letting Go

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PostSubject: Letting Go   Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:21 pm

Letting Go by Redkinoko

The cyclic ticking of the clock tower ruled over the silence of Al De Baran that night. No winds blew from the mountainside and the streams around the city were in tranquility. The rhythmic beating of the gargantuan timepiece almost sounded like heartbeat -forever cadenced and never changing. Much unlike the human heart, a heart that speeds up and slows down its beating along with the rhythm of the soul.

The changing heartbeat.

A forever testament to our humanity.

Monica picked up a loose little cobble from the roadside as she walked towards a nostalgic bridge overlooking the clock tower. With one energetic hop, she saddled herself atop its baroque railings and let her legs dangle over the moonlit waters beneath.

The young huntress let out a big sigh while she staring at the illuminated arms of the clock.

Fifteen minutes before midnight.

It's been exactly three years since that night.

That night she made a promise with someone special.

From behind her, a figure emerged from the shadows. A young mage a few years older than the huntress walked towards the huntress and leaned on the railings, facing away from the tower.

Monica took a deep breath and threw the rock on the water. The rock skimmed the surface, bouncing thrice before sinking to the murky depths.

"It's been three years," said the huntress in a manner most calm.

The young man replied, "Has it? Come to think of it, it has been quite a while."

Monica crossed her legs. "I never thought I would really be coming back to this place. After you left, I really didn't know what to do. I said my piece with a most unfavorable timing. I suppose we were both confused then. I never felt so alone in my entire life. The very first person that I loved was gone and I didnít have anyone else."

"I had so many thoughts that time. So many dreams. I knew deep inside that the only way to fulfill those dreams was to join the guild of the war mages. What I did was a most selfish thing. I thought I could find happiness by seeking it. I was wrong."

The huntress got up from her position and stood beside the mage, both arms lazily rested on the railings. "What's done is done. I've learned to reconcile with my past. I came here tonight because just I wanted to fulfill that final promise."

The man closed his eyes and felt the air that was starting to blow. The cool wind from the mountains brought with it memories. Memories of better days. "I should never have left."

"I know that no matter what I would have said to you then, no words would ever change your mind. You always had the spirit of a vagabond in you, adventurous and carefree," said the huntress as she was smiling while staring into the starry skies, "That's what I liked about you."

"To late in my life did I learn that the only way of attaining happiness is through sharing it. I thought about you always. I thought of you each time I saw the sun and felt the wind."

"When you let go of my hand and promised that we will meet again here three years hence, I already knew that this would become a most bereft occasion, no matter what happened. I spent three years preparing for this night," said Monica in a sad tone.

The mage finally looked at the girl with eyes most affectionate. "But it doesnít have to be that way. I came back because I learned the hard way that what I was looking for wasn't out in the bloodied fields. The elusive peace that I was chasing for three years was in fact in the hands of the person that I had left. I came back because I want you, Monica."

Tears started welling in Monica's eyes. She stared at her reflection on the pool below. "I just want you to know that I love you now as I had loved you then! But what we have between us is a love denied by fate. My beating heart keeps on calling to an unanswering heartstring..."

The young man put his arms around Monica. "I love you, Monica. You need not suffer any more. I am here for you now and I will never leave you."

Crystalline rivers of lament formed on both of Monica's rosy cheeks. Tears flowed down and dropped on the stream's surface, causing ripples to form on what would have been undisturbed waters.

"You should forget about me. Maybe I should, too."

The clock struck twelve. The bells of the tower tolled in sync with the ticking clock. The sad tone of the midnight mark filled the city with an atmosphere of heaviness.

The young mage stepped away from Monica, awe struck with what she had said. No words would come out of his mouth.

The young huntress tugged a glimmering pendant out of her neck. It was a pendant that he had given him when they first met. She closed her teary eyes and threw the thing in the water. It didnít float or skim. It sank as if it was its only purpose of existence - to be forgotten.

The huntress then started walking away from the middle of the bridge, head up high with mettle stronger than elune.

The mage finally got the courage to follow. He ran and threw himself into her back. Instead of feeling her warmth he ended up hugging nothing but thin air. He passed right through her.

It was only then that he knew what she was talking about. She probably didnít even know he was beside her.

Monica felt the cold wind that suddenly brushed against her body. For a moment there, her heart raced frantically. It wasn't from the mountains or from the streams. She smiled to herself. "I knew you'd be there. And I thank you for listening this time around. Goodbye, Jeth. I lied. I can never forget you."

The tolling of the bells finally stopped. The town was at peace once again, with only the ticking of the clock to be heard from anywhere. - Forever cadenced and never changing. Much unlike the human heart, a heart that speeds up and slows down its beating along with the rhythm of the soul.

The changing heartbeat.

A forever testament to our humanity.

No man chooses evil because it is evil, he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.
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Letting Go
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